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Heated Seats On Electricseats

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Hi all,

I have a 2004 Avensis 2,4 SW, "executive", since 2005. Just such a wonderfull car!

I have the electric adjustable front seats in leather, but no heating. This I want to retrofit.

Does anyone know if "it´s all there" and just the switch missing?

Any telltales if I look under my seats (dont want to tear of the leather for the moment :-))

Just cant imagine them making non-heated, leather electricseats. Seems much more likely they just dont give you the switch.

Thank you!


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i think you'll fine the loom that was fited for the car will have that part missing. Each loom is made to order,

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They do NOT put the heating element in the seats, you cannot just plug something in and get it to work, you would need to buy an element kit to fit into the seat base

Kingo :thumbsup:

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OK haven't done this myself, but at the minute looking to retrofit heated rear seats on my volvo S70, and using google found that the wiring loom may exist (not sure where the plugs are on the Avensis, but would guess following the connections for the electric seat and seeing if there is an empty connector and also check your fuse box for the right fuse). Then to fit one, would involve having to take the seat apart. this means (the way I am looking to do it) finding a car seat in a scrapyard and just swapping it over, or by removing the leather seat cover and installing a heating matt and connecting it with the spare connector. There is something I have read about a thermostat setting so that the seat doesn't just just warmer and warmer, that I don't know about

Hope this is a start, but would guess on an Avensis , since it wasn't a popular option for a 2004 car, then your options would be limited. Finally you could speak to someone who does upholstery and see what the professional has got to say

Edit: Stand to be corrected

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