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2001 Corolla Wiper Push Rods

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Can anyone help me to source a set of replacement wiper push rods for my corolla 2001, main dealers want £153 which only a complete buffoon would only pay this price, I did ask if they wore masks when selling items to customers. My wipers are slapping the bottom of my windshield, I have raised them but its still continues, my friend is a mechanic and he says the plastic connectors are worn on the arms so this could be the cause???????Please help I love this car......

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Have you considered used parts mate?

Risky but i am sure it will fix the issue

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Thanks, I don't seem to be able to find any on eBay, and as the car is over 11 years old the same thing could be the problem with a set from the scrap yard...and at around £20-£30 it would be a waste of money. Do you know if any other make of car uses the same type and size as a lot of Manufacturers supply to other companies?Thanks

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