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T D4D 2.0 Diesel Auris Brakes,can Anyone Please Help?

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I replaced the left rear brake caliper yesterday along with pads. I also replaced the pads on the right wheel too, Good move I hear you cry, lol.

Having bled the brakes all was well, except that the handbrake hasn't readjusted and then, after approx 2 miles I lost all brake pressure.

Yes there is fluid in the system and the bleed nipples etc were all re-tightened. and there are no visible leaks.

Firstly, I was led to believe that the handbrake is self adjusting, is this true?

And secondly, have I missed something with regards to bleeding etc?

Here's hoping someone can help, Please?

Best regards,


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Let me know which roads you are likely to be travelling on.............so I can avoid you :eek:

Do you not thin you should seek some professional advice if you cannot bleed the brakes or even know how the handbrake adjusts?

Just saying...............

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Thanks AurisTr01 most helpful.

Parts King, I thought the garage I took it too were professionals. I did get a refund as they haven't a clue but still no brakes, so much for avoiding huge bills, hence now I'll do it myself. Thanks for your input.

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160k miles and my brakes had a wobble after leaving the car parked for a week... and lost brake pressure. took to dealer, , 1st action from the dealer was to bleed the brakes, and the problem disappeared. after that no fault Found. No visible leaks.

I am guessing the only possible reason i can think of is a seal inside the master cylinder, might have a small amount of damage, dislodged itself from its seating position, and possibly, the high pressure bleed equipment they used in the dealer, "re-seated" the seal in its right place...

So I am guessing at some point ... that seal will dislodge itself again... In the event this is the case , the bill for a Master Cylinder Replacement is 470 quid... I just hope it lasts another 160k before it happens again...

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Christoff - your original post does read as though you did it yourself. I would assume that Parts King read it the same way? :)

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