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Hy guys, I am new here and i've got a Verso 1.8 vvt-i 2008. I am looking for information about coolants. What kind of coolant should I put in my car? Toyota brand, the pink one, or the brand doesn't matter as long as I use an ethylene glycol liquid?



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Welcome to TOC :drunk:

This is the stuff I use... This link below is for genuine Toyota coolant! But check with your main dealer to see if you need the older red stuff or the newer Pink stuff...


But as long as it meets the standards that Toyota set (Check your owners handbook) then it doesn't matter what make it is! Its like engine oils! You don't have to have Toyota own make (Which isn't made by Toyota btw) just find the best spec for the least money...

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I Stick with Toyota red coolant. You can buy it premade from the dealer and is the best. Saves a lot of hassle.

If you want to buy cheaper then I just go with red coolant and mix it myself.

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The pink Super long life coolant in your car can be bought in 1lt or 5lt cans pre-mixed from Toyota. From memory the 1lt can is about £11 and the 5lt is £35

08889-80150 - 1 litre can

08889-80072 - 5 litre can

One thing though the coolant in your 2008 Verso does not need changing for 10 years or 100,000 miles ( which ever soonest ) so unless you've done 100,000 miles your coolant is fine until 2018.


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