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Yaris 2011 Fog Lights

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Hi everyone, I have the new shape Yaris SR and I need to replace the fog lights on the front of the car. I have read the manual over and over and I just can not seem to be able to access them from underneath the car! Now, am I being thick or is it almost impossible to do this? Since we in London are suffering from the fog at the moment I though it best I get the lights sorted just in case.

Can anyone tell me how they have accessed and/or changed the fogs on the new shape Yaris as I can't seem to do it.

Many thanks in advance!


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Why dont they work? Would be very unusual for BOTH not to be working on a 2011 model. Why not return it to your dealer, it will be under warranty?

I suspect the bumber has to come off

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Thank you both for your replies. Steve, thg does look familiar, I'll have a look this evening see if I can access it from the front.

Kingo, I may have wrote it incorrectly; they are in fact both working now, I suspect it was my own fault as I tried to take the bulb out from underneath as the manual stated and I think I may have just loosened the bulb slightly. I couldn't get ful access though which is ideally what I want so I can replace them both.

Many thanks.

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