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Rav 4 T180 Run Flats

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Continuing the saga Purchased my new Rav in 2006 & told that it had runflats but new tyres could be purchased anywhere Hardly true

Now 6 years & much frustration later I have got rid of them but it wasnt easy

Step 1 Informed my insurance co of my intentions No problem or penalty ( Churchill)

2 After many years of moaning from me my local Toyota dealer agreed to remove my tyres & support rings but wouldnt put tyres back on again

So I had to find an independent tyre dealer prepared to re fit my tyres The big national firms would only do it with new tyres

So I returned to the Toyota garage with my wheels & fitted tyres & at the last minute they refused to refit them to the vehicle

Eventually after some histrionics from me they relented

So eventually I ended up with my original wheels & tyres with the pressure sensors in place & the warning light is off


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Hi and welcome to the club. What a headache for you.

I suggest you post your experiances on the RAV4 forum on here where you get plenty of advice from other RAV4 owners. they will no doubt have simuler problems with runflats. Glad i dont have them.

Good luck.

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