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Well im new to Toyota so il be having a good nosey around the forum and getting to learn more about the Rav4 ive inherited, im fairly ok with the spanners ect so im game for tackling most things..

So to my first post...when my partner starts the cars up in a morning weather frosty or not the revs seam to hover around the 2000-2200rpm and it takes awhile for them to settle down to the norm of around 850rpm(around 5-10mins driving) is this normal for a 51plate (2002) petrol 2lt?

Also when she reverses there is a squel on the steerring im assuming itl be the power steerring belt just not sure why it only does it on reverse?

If anyone has any advice on the above or any advice in general for a novice Rav4 owner id be happy to here it so i can keep it running so she can enjoy it.

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Sounds pretty normal after 5-10 mins... not a very big car so takes a while to heat up. but if you have concerns then you may need to check the thermostat out and make sure its not stuck open.

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mine revs up to around 2500 and stays there for a while, slowly dropping until the temp gauge is half way then it idles at around 500 (which i think may be a tad low) on hte plus side the heater goes from freezing cold to boiling hot in about a min so no complaints with the ravs warm up from me.

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