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Tyres Going 'out Of Shape'

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On my March 02 Avensis estate, I have just had a rear tyre replaced because I was advised that it had gone badly out of shape. It was probably about 5 years old, but only about half worn by tread depth (this car does not get used a great deal nowadays, as we have a Yaris that gets used about town). I recall that I was advised during an MoT on the same car some years ago that both rear tyres had gone badly out of shape (and the car was used every day at that time). All the tyres which have gone out of shape were Dunlop SP Sport, which was I think the type originally fitted.

Does anyone else have experience of this problem? Anyone know what causes it or if it only happens with certain tyres?

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Hi and welcome to the club

Tyres will go out of shape if the car does not get used a lot. Its good to get the tyres warmed up. But like all rubber and plastic,, they detoriate over time.

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Just had the same problem with Vredestein Sportrac 3's on my Avensis. They started making a rumbling noise on smooth tarmac. Still had 4.5mm of tread but they were 5 years old. I think the rubber compound deteriorates with age. I didn't have this problem when I did 10,000 miles per year and had a new set of tyres every 3 years, but now I'm only doing 5000 miles my tyres seem to be dying of old age.

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