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Door Lock Problem

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I have a toyota auris 1.6 vvti year 2008

I have a problem to lock driver door or passenger door manually with its key.

But it works fine with the remote.

The key does not turn clockwise nor anticlockwise.

it is a normal ket start car, not keyless with push button to start.

any help?


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hmm may not be the original lock for the car... did you buy it used? may have had a replacment door added.

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My Auris has only a key lock in the drivers door.

As Steve suggest maybe the car had some issue before you purchased it and the lock/door has been replaced.

If only the lock was replaced then it should have came with a key to suit i would have thought.

What you could do is check who owned the car before you,they address should be in the reg document.

they just may still have the replacement key.

Ive never tried the key in my car (smart entry), shall have to give it a go.

But if as you said you have a lock in the passenger side that the key will not work in then i doubt both door/locks have been changed.

Maybe your dealer can indentify what numbber key is needed.maybe a number internaly on the losk as some cars have.

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@forevered : u right there only key for driver side. so my problem is i ant lock or unlock driver door with my keys

also i dont think its a door replacement problem.

actually it was working before. but i remeber lately i had to disconnect my Battery and since then i cant lock or lunlock the door.

i suppose there something gone wrong, but i cant figure out what.

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THe problem of sticking door may have been caused by using standard lubricants on a door lock There was a time and maybe still available is a lubricant for door locks that did not attract dust, dirt etc.and not dry out.

modern locks have a auto cover to keep muck out these days.

As the door is seldom opened with a key the problem maybe because any lubricant thats been used on it has dried out and left some residue behind.

I suggest a silicon type sray which are widly available.

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Thought i best check that my key works ok. My car is a smart start type and has a small key fitted for emergencies in the fob,which Toyota call a electronic key. The plastic handle of this key is very small so there is not a lot of leverage with it .

I keep a spare Battery in the car for this fob. Just incase.

The key works fine but i think testing it a couple times a year will keep the lock from sticking.

Only draw back to the system is unlike some models my hatch does not open independent of the rest of the central locking.

Which makes it that little akward as you just cant unlock the hatch only say when you approach the rear of the car with a load of shopping,you have to walk around to the drivers door and touch the door handle first.

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You could take the car to Toyota and simply say this key doesn't work in the door... was the ignition barrel swapped or the door damaged, etc... and they should be able to tell you fairly quickly.

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