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A Tale Of Two Tyres

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I bought a 59 plate Yaris as a family pool car from one of Mr T's dealers on Sunday of this week, it wouldn't be fair of me to name the dealer at this point, the car was as described over the telephone and within twenty minutes of arriving at the dealer I was on my way home, a distance of around 115 miles.

On the journey home I wasn't happy with the steering at all, the car gave the impression of been driiven in a strong side wind with constant steering correction needed. The following day on route to our local Mr T to buy mudflaps etc I had reason to have to swerve in order to miss a supermarket home delivery driver, I've been driving for over thirty years and I have never known a car be so uncontrollable in such a situation, had anything been coming in the opposite direction things would have been tricky to say the least.

When I arrived back home I immediately checked the tyres, the dealer stated they had replaced the two front tyres when I collected the car, I was immediately aware they were likely to be budget tyres by the brand name on the tyre wall 'Triangle'. Ten minutes on the internet was enough to confirm my suspicions, several reports described the tyres as "poor" and "appauling", one test by a leading motoring website placed the brand firmly at the bottom of a 'league table' of budget tyres. In one test where a leading brand had brought a vehicle to rest in a measured distance, the 'Triangle' equipped car was still doing 27mph at the others point of rest, on average stopping 8.5 metres further along the test track.

Having made a call to the dealer to express my concern at them fitting such poor quality tyres and backing it up with an e-mail, two days on I have yet to receive a response, however Toyota customer services gave me an immediate response and are following up my concerns, I should have mentioned the tyre size relevant to the Yaris costs £41.00 online, a more recognised brand between £65.00 and £80.00.

Rather than take any unnecessary risks I have today replaced all four tyres on the car with a new set of premium brand tyres, we have a new driver in the family who will use the car, obviously their safety is paramount. The difference in steering response, ride comfort and road noise is incredible, the local independent tyre company stated they had seen a pair of 'Triangle' tyres suffer tread seperation at 2.000 miles and wouldn't buy them at £10 each !

I'm very surprised at a main dealer fitting such a substandard product, I'm curious to know what other forum members think and how they might have handled the matter, I'm far from a serial complainer but would like to think my concerns at them fitting such rubbish is justified.

Paul .


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I have to be honest here & say my suspicion was immediately flagged up when you said 'you were on your way within 20 mins'. After a 115 mile drive and they turned you round that soon ? That seems suspiciously quick to me - like they couldn't wait to get you out the door ! If they knew the car had very budget tyres fitted (plus perhaps a little kerb knock causing the pulling ?), then that would make sense. I don't want to demonise the dealer, but it very much sounds dodgy to me.

Did you not take it for a test drive ? That is always recommended when buying any car - new or used. Perhaps you would have found the problem earlier and reported it to them ......

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£41?? I just had 4 Conti Premium 5's for £52 each!! (The tyres were £42 before fitting IIRC)

Edit: Ah, sorry, Mk2's have 15" rims don't they? It's stupid the difference in cost between tyres for 14" and 15"!!

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Thanks for your replys, nothing was that obvious at low speeds and under normal braking within three or four miles of the dealership, bearing in mind I rarely drive anything other than a Landcruiser or Rav everything felt in order, one owner car, full history etc. I've still not had a reply, I'm just puzzled as to why they would fit such crap, they were keen to invite me to a future new Rav launch. I have spent over 75k on Toyotas for myself and the family in the last two to three years and it sticks in my throat a bit.

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If the tyres were that bad, I think I'd be tempted to take it back & say these tyres are dangerous & unfit for purpose - please change them. Mind you, it doesn't sound like they're interested much :cowboy:

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