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My New Auris.

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Hi Everyone.

I just bought a Toyota Auris 2008 after my 2002 Vauxhall Astra packed up. I have had my eye on the Auris for a while and then i came across this one. I took it for a test drive and fell in love with it straight away. Its a 2.0 SR Diesel. Still getting used to it. I wanted a more powerful car as i do alot of motorway driving so went for the 2.0 litre engine and the SR was the most popular model i was coming across.

Took it to Toyota to have it checked out as the the it was quite noisy when i used to start it up and acccelerate it. Sounded abit like a truck! But toyota said it was to be expected because it was a diesel and also becuase it is cold at the mo.

Toyota customer service is really good and I feel assured that both myself and my car will be well looked after.

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Nah, im not thinking of making any modifications to it. I think its already modified enuff for me. What could i do it that wont bump up my insurance? Thats the first thing they ask - have there been any modifications done to the vehicle??

Ill put up some pictures shortly once the weather has got a bit better. At the mo, its just foggy and frosty!

Do you know if i can pop in an AUX line into the cd player anywhere at all. I was looking to be able to connect my mp3 player to save myself burning a whole load of discs. I used to have USB and AUX on my previous stereo.

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Well, that depends on what you're keen on. There are some small cosmetical mods which can be also practical, or then you can improve the engine to get even more power out of it. I'm sure that after hanging around on the forum for a while you will get plenty of ideas.

I had iPod connection kit installed on my factory player and if I remember correctly it was possible to connect a flash drive to it aswell.

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Welcome :)

I think you'll find the Auris diesel a great choice for the motorway as it's quiet, comfy and rides well on our pothole infested roads.

Toyotas diesels are actually miles quieter than many others I've tried. Not as good for MPG as Vauxhalls or VW/Audi's, but they don't suffer from half as much turbo-lag.

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Several of the reviews ive read describe the Toyota diesel a bit noisey.

My son untill recently had a Lexus which i beleave is much the same engine as the Toyota uses and it was no where near as quiet as either of the two mondeo tdci i had or the earlier three VWs i also owned.

But being fair maybe the latest model are indeed quieter.

Any diesel will be a bit noiser when cold.

A few years ago i spent xmas at my daughters place in Paris she had then a Citroen i think a C3 and it did not not have a gentle life with her foot to floor till the next set of lights, but the engine was so quiete you would have thought it was a petrol one.never had any problems with it.

Used drive over Norfolk a couple of times a year.

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All diesel engines can be noisey espcially when cold is why proper petrol heads hate them because they sound like a tractor. Theres more advantages in owning a diesel than not for example better resale cost, torque driveability makes it effortless and of course fuel consumption. Providing your Oil level is full dont worry about the diesel knockinh noise but learn to tell the difference beetween diesel knock and a rattle because these engines have a timing chain if the Oil is ran low you can get rattle which means the damage is done.

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Thank you all for your comments and reassurance. Despite the noise issue, i still love the car. Its just a completely different driving experience.

I wil keep an eye on the engine Oil level. With my astra, I didnt keep a close eye as i left it to my mechanic to deal with at the annual service. But now i guess i better start dipping stick!!!

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