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Test Front Speaker

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So, you turned the radio off and then on and the speaker stopped working?

Have you tried Balance?

Is it a dial volume or push button volume?

You need to elimiate it from the door back to the stereo

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Thanks Steve

I pulled the car dash apart today, where Speakers are and connected the broken speaker to the connection that is workin. And tried the working speaker to broken side. So looks as though I have to find a new speaker as the broken one doesnt work either side but good one does.

I am so loving the car as I go through the list of broken parts and getting them going.


I bought the starlet of my daughter and needs some love and care. I own a 1995 VT Honda 250 twin cruiser and was my only form of transport for a few years and having a car is so nice. Now trying to sell the 250 so I can do the starlet up to look and go sweet and origiinal as possible.

I'm tring to find a work shop manual for the starlet and finding it very hard here. I need some big repairs done and trying to put a few extras like clock and extra dash instruments, mine is basic.

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