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You Can Tell Its Winter - Yaris Freezing Up On The Inside

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you have either a leak inside through window seals or door seals.. or leaky matrix.

too much condensation inside probably.. check boot spare tyre well first

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Nothing worse than on a cold morning, scraping the outside of the car and then having to scrape the inside aswell.

Tried all sorts, running with air con on, air con off, vents set to internal then external.

Its been in to Toyota Bristol South 5 times with the same fault but they cant fix it. It only happens in winter and on a frosty morning, so problems replicating it.

Warranty has run out now so got to live with it, until I buy a new car - NOT A TOYOTA.

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My guess is a water leak in the car. Heater on, warm air on, you get out of the car and the moisture filled warm air condenses on the screen, this then freezes when it goes cold

Check the carpets / boot /spare wheel well for water / dampness

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Praise be mah brother! The Lord demands we dehumidify! Say it with me! DEHUMIDIFY! \o/

*ahem* Sorry, was watching the Blues Brothers earlier :D.

If you've got carpet mats, swap them for rubber ones - They retain stupid amounts of water from shoes unless you drive around with the air vent set to hot, AC on and footwell blower all the time.

An anti-misting cloth/spray can help, but what I find works a treat is to get a big bowl and fill it with rice or coffee or, if for some reason you have some, loads of those silica gel packs - l-leave it in the backseat overnight, see if that helps.

But there is likely a source of damp inside some place; Maybe tramped in by passengers otherwise a leak of some sort...

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