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Aygo Battery Warning Light On Constantly

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Hi, can anybody please help me?

My 2007 Aygo has developed an issue. The Battery warning light stays on constantly, it says in the manual that this could indicate that the drive belt has snapped.

I have checked the belt and it seems ok, no fraying and not loose.

It is an Automatic, and it has had no problems before,

Does anybody know what this could be?

Thank you in advance,


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It should mean the Battery is not being charged. Broken drive belt is the easiest thing to check.

After that you need to check the alternator is being driven by the belt (there isn't a pulley loose) and is actually working.

Being automatic is irrelevant (except for making a push start more difficult).

I'd suspect the alternator has failed, but you need to check all the possibles as it's not a particularly cheap thing to buy (look for a recon unit if it is needed).

It's just possible there is some odd fault in the warning light circuit making the light stay on spuriously, but again that would need some skills to diagnose and fix.

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