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Aygo 62 Plate Rear Breaklight Visable Through Headlining

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Please excuse me if this seems trivial but driving to work whilst dark touched break pedal lo and behold headlining glows orange,

Reported to Toyota who looked at all their stock some 10+ vehicles all seem to do the same.

So will all you good folks outthere look see if your 62 Plate Aygo is the same.

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My 56 reg Aygo does it. Think it's common with quite a few cars to be honest. After all the light is just behind the headlining, which itself isn't the thickest stuff in the world.

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My 2010 reg does this, only on one side though, the left i think. I only spotted this three or four weeks ago as it isn't very obvious (in mine at least).

I was initially worried that one of the bulbs/LEDs had dropped down or moved out of place, but from the rear it looks fine.

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Just to let you know that they will all do this.

If you take the high level brake light out, there is a hole in the metal work (god only knows why) that will let the light through.

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