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Avensis Windows Rattle, Tappety Tickover.

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Hi. I have a 2011 Avensis 1.8 tourer, an ex-Toyota fleet car. I get rattles from, I think, the front windows or it could be from inside the doors. Also I find that if the front windows are very slightly released down with just a tap on the window switch, there is less wind & road noise than with the windows fully closed (strange). I had the dealer check out the rattles during which they replaced a window regulator, but this hasn't helped in any way. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this and has a solution? Also my engine sounds distinctly 'tappety' on tickover, which the dealer said was quite normal, but I'd understood the vvti to be refined to the extent of almost being unheard from the cabin on tickover. Any comments please?

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The Tappety tick over may be caused by the injectors rather than the tappets.

with the windows does the windows look fully closed from the outside when they are full wound up?

Perhaps the accoustics change when the windows are open as they are released from the car,. Its a weird theory.

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Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. Re injectors, is the tappety noise normal then? Re the windows, when fully up, yes, they look fully closed from outside. That's an interesting theory about acoustics. I'm totally ignorant in that area I'm afraid. All I know is the windows rattle & outside noise is more noticeable with the windows fully up rather than just a tiny nudge down. I know......it's a strange one.

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