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Import Car Remote Key Cuttings For An Estima Previa Aeras T Model

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I am a new member and recently bought a Toyota estima previa aeras T Model premium import edition in the uk. It's a 2005 reg. but it only came with one set of remote car keys. It has a factory fitted alarm and uk immobeliser installed. I seem to have no luck of finding someone who can do me a second key remote cutting. I tried several Car key and remote cuttings shops, who also deal with imports, they all say it cannot be done. Some suggested i should get in contact with someone at Toyota in Japan.

My question is: Is there someone out there on this forum how can give me some more advise on what to do next and who have or had the same problem i have ? I am sure there must be some in uk who cut an import remote car key! Anyone has an Idear,please give me your thoughts and and advise on this matter, very much appreciated. Many thanks tom71

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Unless you have the master key tag or serial then it may not be possible.

I had a UK spec Lexus with the same issue and as I never had master key i was snookered. It was a scary thought only having one key as cost of getting it sorted was a lot of money

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