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Petrol Light

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I'm coming up to my first week with my t-sport. My petrol gauge has dropped to 1block and the fuel light has come on. In all my cars I've always filled up after hitting 1/4 tank but just wanted to test fuel consumption.

Does anyone know how many miles I will get out of it before I run out, will the petrol light or last block start flashing etc?

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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The last block just goes out, as you probably know by now. I will do 40 miles with the light on, but start worrying after that. If you carry on then the engine warning light comes on - I've only done this once when misjudged how far the next petrol station was, and cannot remember exactly how far I went - probably 50 to 60 miles. It actually says in the owners manual about the light coming on.

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The rule of thumb I've found with various cars, is a gallon of fuel left when the light comes on. That or use the books combined mpg figure. So for the 190, about 32 miles. That should be safe, though I'd fill up asap whent he light comes on, to reduce the risk of the pump picking up any rubbish in the tank, or sucking air and therefore running the risk of burning out.

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I have 2 gallons left when I hit the warning light in my ST202, so about 90k's which I think is standard for most of the older Toyotas

Ive run it dry to test it as well

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Dont wory about it. You shouldnt have any crap in the tank in a car like yours. Youve got 2 filters anyway. The only problem is that you will start to run out of gas and splutter if you drive fast around bends. But if you drive carefully you should get 100k if you had to.

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