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Upgrades For A New Avensis

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Hi everyone, great forum have had a good look through some of the posts here before joining.

I've just taken delivery of a brand new 2.0 D4D Avensis Tourer TR. My previous (well I still have it) car is an Astra H, and I got involved quite a bit with the Vauxhall community through forums/meets etc. One thing that I found was that there were a lot of simple and easy upgrades that would have been expensive from the factory, but is literally a case of "turning on" with tech2. I'm totally new to Toyotas, so is there anything similar on the Avensis? And what are the popular mods to do?

Cheers for any replies (Y)

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Toyota Tec site list a few accesories but you do what i did and go to your Toyota dealer and ask him to give print out of accesories for your Avensis you may land up with two pages of them as i received.

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I'm actually going the other way (but to a Ford) so finding the reverse (e.g. my car was all wired up for footwell lights but Ford simply hadn't fitted the bulbs at the factory ...)...

Whether it's due to the engineering (they are well equipped to start with), the customer base etc. imo there is little that you can do to a Toyota that doesn't require actually adding additional hardware.

& of course as the Denso ECU hasn't been cracked you can't get a simple remap like you can for a Ford, Vaux, VW etc.

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