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Well thanks to eBay and an ex urban cruiser owner, today I travelled to deepest Perthshire to uplift a new and unused genuine Toyota alloy wheel complete with tyre with sticker still on.The price I won the auction at.............. £150................ An absolute bargain I reckon.Of course the downside is that I have now lost a fair bit of boot space.But frankly, I don't give a jot as the relief of having a spare wheel instead of a tin of slime more than makes up for it. Happy days.

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how much room does it take up?

About 25%, but hey you can always put shopping bags in the middle of the wheel if its face down :thumbsup:

Blimey, deepest Perthshire? Would have cost me another £150 to get there :lol:

Well done Dave

Kingo :thumbsup:

Less than 3 gallons of diesel mate, 150 mile round trip for me. :thumbsup:

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