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Avensis 2.0 Vvt-I Dmf Question

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hi guys

i have just baught an avensis 2.0l vvt-i petrol version t-spirit 05 55reg

is my car fitted with a dmf or not?

im asking because something is noisy not sure what it is atm but it seems to happen in 1st and 2nd gear especially if your giving it some seems to be when the clutch pedal is at biteing point when changing gears if you know what i mean its like a grinding/grumbling noise

and advice welcome



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Hi yours is probaly the 3zz-fe? mines a 1.8vvti and its the 1zz-fe....have you checked your gearbox for Oil?? it could be the release bearing going maybe the whole clutch too? i dont believe theres a DMF in petrol cars think just diesels..

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as far as I know the petrol versions of Avensis don't have a DMF, only diesels.

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Which engine type is mine do you know


Your engine will be either a 1AZ-FE or a 1AZ-FSE ( will have D4 on the engine cover, means you have direct fuel injection ) the 1ZZ-FE is a 1.8 vvti , the 3ZZ-FE is a 1.6 vvti.


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I guarantee u that ur problem is nothing to do with the clutch. I've had this problem before and have posted previously on the topic. Your problem is with the inner CV grease. It will be so deteriorated that when u open the boot the grease will pour out like gooey Oil. This happens because it is old and sloppy. Also someone may have introduced more grease and not cleaned the old stuff out thoroughly. Undo the boot clips and clean the joints with a good grease cutter, if not then good clean with a pressure washer should do. Refill with CV grease(not really grease). This will solve ur problem. Remember wear eye protection if using a pressure washer.

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