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Toyota Rav 4 1997 Gx Immobiliser Kicked In And Wont Start! Essex

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Hi I need desperate help for my RAV4 as my husband wants to send to slaughterhouse! After few weeks of non use in cold spell car wouldnt turn over. Experts suspect flat Battery and turnover attempts coincided with causing immobiliser to kick in. Electrician had a go at it and managed to start once. After being told to use keys and not fob to open door, on 2nd attempt key wouldnt open door and entered via passenger door and back to square one-car wont turn over. I am happy to lose the immobilier and alarm if I could get someone to just take them off but no one knows how. Loathed to sell for scrap as recently bought new clutch and steering rack and car in good condition with relatively low mileage. Please help with any ideas of who can correct this and idea of cost. I appreciate a car of this age isnt valuable but I have owned it for about 12 years and am very attached to her:-)

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sorry - did you have a look in the RAV forum?

The immobiliser is a fairly simple removal for an auto-electrician that knows their stuff. And I wouldn't bother fitting a new one. Both my RAVs have had the immobilisers removed. I have a tracker fitted to one as I have spent a fortune on it -

I removed an immobiliser for another member up here - found the way these things are fitted varies from car to car but normally its just 2 wires need joined. I'm not likely to be in Essex anytime soon.

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