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Water Pump Rip Off?


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Hi Gents

Many thanks for all the replies and help.

I took the car to an A-A recommended and approved garage today who road tested the car on a 6 mile duel carriageway, then ran the engine for an hour in the garage and found 'no signs' of leaks, they did say there was slight signs of possible spillage from old antifreeze and to just monitor the car for the next month.

As a pensioner I could have said to my local Toyota garage yes you are the experts and fit a new water pump at £690 + VAT,only this pensioner has not lost 'all' his marbles just yet.

However this really is sadly a case that you just can not trust an official Toyota dealer who have lost in the long run as all future servicing will not be done by them and my next car will not be a Toyota.

Happy Christmas to all


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As a first time ever Toyota owner can say that so far my experience with the car and dealers has been good. Don't write off the manufacturer or car because of one bad dealer experience. Go to any car forum and you will find reports of bad dealer experiences but that does not mean that all are the same.

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Don't write off the manufacturer or car because of one bad dealer experience. .


As I said above I had my water pump replaced foc even though the car was virtually 5 years old (& hence out of original warranty) & the dealer/Toyota was great.

Is there another local Toyota dealer?

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Keep an eye on the coolant level. If it isn't going down ignore it.

Water pumps leak. Water pumps are designed to leak. It's part of the seal lubrication system in the pump.

They actually have drainage channels cast into the body of the pump for that reason.

Look at any manufacturer and its the same. Seen the design on fiats and vw's and a bunch of others

Problem is that dealers don't know this, the coolant is nice and neon pink and easy to see and if the dealer does know about it they can treat it as a lovely money spinner. "Ohhhh dear sir look at all this coolant. It obviously shouldn't be here!"

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quoted 600 to a 1000 to fit new water pump on a 57 plate avensis 2.2 d4d estate. Was told engine needed taken out to do it. I bought water pump and done it myself without removing engine. Took me 10hr from start to finish. The pump is easy it's the getting to it that takes the time. I'm a joiner to trade not a mechanic but gathered as much info as possible before I tackled it

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