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Squealing Noise From (The Engine?) When Starting From Cold

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I need your help again!

My Aygo started to make a "squealing noise" when starting the engine from cold - a few observations:

- I first noticed this about 4 months ago, and have gradually got worse, to a point that when I drive off from cold, the noise it makes attract pedestrians' attention :eek: .

- the noise seems to come from the engine, when it is revving above @ 2000 rpm; if I just let the engine run idle, I can't hear this.

- this ONLY happens when I start the engine from cold, and once the engine is warmed up, even if I park the car for an hour or two, I don't hear it anymore.

- when I start the car from cold, the noise usually disappears completely within a minute or so.

- I have NOT noticed any change in fuel consumption, and once war the car seems to run perfectly smoothly; Oil / coolant levels are fine.

Any ideas?

The car is a 55 reg, I've had it from new - had full dealer service for the first 4 years, but after that I've been changing oil/filters,etc myself.



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Weird, it sounds very similar to a problem Yarisisusesas (Mainly Mk1's) get when they are getting on a bit, although with us it only happens at low RPM! :lol:

In our case, it's the ancillaries V-belt slipping. If it's not too bad, re-tensioning it will fix the problem, otherwise it needs to be changed and all the pulleys cleaned of any debris and residue.

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Why the sqealing only happens when cold is because the belt driving the alternator is slipping.

The alternator has an exra load cos its putting back into the Battery what was needed for a cold start.Once the Battery is back to full charge the sqeaking will stop, starting with a hot engine does not put as much load on the Battery.

If the belt gets a glaze where its been slipping it will slip easier.and the correct adjustment may not be a cure for the problem.so a new belt will be the answer.

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Thanks guys.

3 more questions:

1. How do I adjust the belt in question?

2. If I have to replace the belt, is it something I can do myself?

3. If I can't replace it myself, what sort of cost am I looking at?



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