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Toyota Avensis Climate Control Question

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A quick auestion regarding the climate control in my avensis

When i start the car the climate control switches on and is set to auto and dual

Itdoesnt start blowing for approx 2 minutes then works fine there after it seems to be like it doesnt switch on untill the temp guage starts to show a reading

Is this normal?

I have a sensor thing behind the rear veiw mirror that is dangling is this the sensor to start it or not if not what is it for?



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That's normal when on auto but it can depend on how you have the temp set for the aircon when it actually starts the fan. If you need the interior warm when it's cold in there then blowing cold air will make it worse so it waits for the water to warm up in the heater before it starts. The sensor behind the mirror could be for the auto rain sensing wipers.

Regards ..... Pete.

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i had another issue with my dual climate control..actualy its is heating problem.. no matter what temp is set on display.. all right side vents blows cold air only :( ..I've check all flaps which should working and they do works. Coolant with termostat changed couple weeks ago, properly bleeded.. dont know what can couse this. Are there 2 radiotars in the cabin which heats the air for both sides or only one? Any advices? Dealer mechanic seems to be surprised so i decided to not leave the car there :(

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