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Avensis D4D Rear Brake Backing Plate 2006

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I have just had rear brake pads/discs done at 118k miles. Garage tells me that the brake backing plates are corroded, almost shot. I have been advised that they £250 ea. therefore I have 2 Q's, firstly are there any cheaper suppliers, solutions? Secondly what will be the impact of further deterioration, will brakes fail etc. Thanks for your help from a new member!

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Welcome to the Forum mate...

If they mean the black plate that sits outside the brakes and acts like a stone gard then they don't need changing as they dont have anything to do with the braking effect! Sounds like the garage is trying to pull a fast one if thats the case!!!

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Hi Mistermena,

Thanks for your welcome and reply. I know the garage personally so am sure they are good. They mentioned the corroded backing plate as an observation that made fitting new discs more difficult. They advised that at £250 per plate they thought it poor value and not worth doing on a car of this mileage/age. I am thinking of keeping the car as it is otherwise reliable and I enjoy driving it.

So I am trying to establish from you good people how neccesary the repair is and if there are any lower cost alternatives out there.

Many Thanks

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The problem you will have is they corrode badly and eventually fall off which causes a hell of a noise if they do

It depends how bad they are at the moment, if they are still pretty solid you could take them off, clean them up and re-paint them to keep the corrosion at bay. It is a well known condition, happens on quite a few models (not just Toyota)

Kingo :thumbsup:

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