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Ambient Temperature Sensor Wiring

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I purchased a new ambient sensor as i thought it was faulty for a local garage to replace it when doing some work on the car. They have informed me that the old sensor is not there but they can see where it should go, i am presuming that the wiring loom has been snapped of at some point as the car had previous front end damage.

Which route from the top rail with the bonnet catch does the wiring go left or right?

Also does it have any specific colour wires?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have looked on some wiring diagrams from mr T and it shows it can go either way, so no help there. Does anyone have any experience of where the wiring loom will be fed from so I have a starting point?

Currently as there is no sensor, most of the time it will just show --- for the outside temperature. it sometimes shows a temperature which fluctuates between -30 and 50, I presume this is because it is making a contact somewhere, because of this fault the climate control is all over the place when it is set to a temperature, on low it blows cold via the air con and on high it blows hot, but nothing in between.

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