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2007 Avensis D4D 2.0 T3X

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Hey lads,

Just bought a 2007 Avensis 2.0 D4D T3X. She was imported from the UK a couple of weeks ago.

She has 63K miles on her so I'm happy enough with that. The T3X has a great spec inside which I'm very happy with.

I've had a petrol for the past 10 years so I felt I had to start getting some value with all the miles I'm clocking up at the moment.

Just have a couple of questions, hopefully one of you can answer...

I was told there is an inbuilt bluetooth system with this model but I can't seem to pair my phone with it.

Earlier today it looked like I was seeing an option to pair but it failed. Since then I dont see any option, it's like my phone cannot see any device to pair with.

I've searched the forum about this and tried a few suggestions where I hold the mode button down but this hasn't worked at all.

Anyway, some help on the above would be appreciated.

Thanks, C

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Hi there cwallace,

I have a 2007 2.0 dvd ( same model as yours ) and can tell you that as far as I know it does not have bluetooth.

I know what you mean when you say it`s well specc`ed it really is a nice car. hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine and iv`e had it for nearly 3 yrs. If you can live without bluetooth it`s a fantastic car.

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The Avensis range starts with the T


grade with

features that include:

8 speaker MP3 compatible audio system with

steering wheel controls

Front grille, body colour with chrome surround

Full colour coded exterior paint

ABS with electronic brake force distribution

Optitron instrumentation

9 airbags (including driver knee airbag)

Adjustable steering column, stepless reach amp;


manual multi adjustable front seats

Manual air conditioning

Front electric windows

16" steel wheels with full wheelcaps


The latest technology is added to the T


and brings

you the T


with the additional features of;

Full map satellite navigation

Leather steering wheel

Leather gear shift knob

16" 8-spoke alloy wheel with locking wheelnuts


Additional comfort and luxury are applied to the T


to shape the T


with extra features such as;

Instrument panel and centre console with metal


Cruise control (D-4D models)

Automatic headlamps

Front and rear fog lamps with automatic


Leather steering wheel and gear knob with

leather and metallic effect

Dual zone climate control air conditioning

Rain sensing wipers

Front and rear electric windows

Electrochromatic rear view mirror

Electrically adjustable, heated and retractable

exterior mirrors

16" 5-spoke alloy wheels with locking wheelnuts

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HI again,

Iv`e just been looking through the handbook and i think the two objects youre looking at are according to the book are michrophones for the sat - nav if you have it fitted in your particular car, I don`t see it listed on the spec sheet as a standard fit, I certainly have`nt got it , but your car may have had it fitted as an extra if you`ve got the original hanbook the info is on page 226 and there is a voice control on the right side of the steering wheel directly under the DISP button (again this is something I don`t have)

hope this helps your dilema.

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I have the 2 microphones but I don't have the Sav Nav or the Voice control installed on the steering wheel.

I've been have a google around and some people are saying that the Sat Nav and Voice Control are not needed in order to have the bluetooth working.

You can control the phone from the Mode and Up/Down controls.

I'll keep looking, I thought this place would definitely have an answer for me!! =)

I wonder is there some way of resetting the audio/cd system that might initialise the bluetooth if its installed?

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There you go matey, No bluetooth on a T3X

it does seem that you have, just like me got a standard T3X spec and another look in the handbook reveals nothing about bluetooth or operating the moe button up/down control.

Sorry I cant be more help hope you get sorted

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