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A Pillar Leak

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I noticed yesterday I was getting dripped on in the drivers seat. Upon investigation there is water dripping from the top of the A Pillar where there is an seam on the interior lining. (see Image1)

The felt [top] part felt a bit damp near the seam but otherwise fine.

Anyhow I got home and took the rubber seal off and unscrewed the metal door strip. Looking inside there was no sign of water leaking from anywhere! (Image2). (the drops of water visible are due to me)

I did notice that at the windscreen at the bottom the plastic has lifted in the corner (Image3), but don't see this as a cause.

I put a strip of plumbers tape between the metal strip and the frame when I fastened it back up, put the rubber door strip back in and then poured a few watering cans on the area marked in Image4.

But no water seemed to appear at the leak spot.

The water seems to come out the front drains in the bottom of the car fine when it reaches the windscreen.

So any ideas where the water is coming from and the cause?


PS: Might this be the cause of my internal alarm going off randomly?





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Can only help on the alarm bit - yes, water running down inside the pillar garnish and across the dash is likely to set the alarm off. Just had exactly the same, though the water was due to blocked sunroof drain points

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I have the EXACT same thing in my Celica now...did you find the spot? I have to remove my trim to empty the water before I drive after it's been raining, I tried a few areas thinking it would come from there and put tape to see if it would stop it but no, still can't find the leak and it's been there for months now 😞

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