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1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

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i have a 97/20 3 door hatchback corolla, 1.3i, was looking to know if any1 can help me? i want to put a 1.3 turbo engine in it i know where there is a full engine loom and ecu from a 99 glanza v, but 1 will it fit my engine bay? and 2, will the turbo engine fit my 5speed gearbox? any help would be great thanks

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Yes and yes

1.3 glanza is 4efte

Ur engine is either 4efe or 4afe

So it will bolt in.

It will also fit your gearbox but you might be better off using a glanza box as some have lsd.

All will bolt in but the wiring loom wont be plug and play. youll need to splice the two looms together getting rid of what you dont need and keeping what you do. its probly the trickiest part of the conversion

I have recently put in a 2.0 turbo into

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2.0l? how do you find the grip lol!!???, i am on the look out for a glanza box with lsd in it, but cant find 1 in ireland as yet, but i will put the turbo engine in to see if its worth going farward with? if it works as i hope it will i will be tuning the turbo engine if no handeling problems come out of the extra power? trying to work out why from i lowered the car car 35mm its spinning inside wheel and locking on the breaks, going to try koni "s in front and good gas shocks in rear?,

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Grip is ok ish lol

good tyres are a must. still running in engine so didnt go flat yet.

Are u in ireland. me too.

Plenty of cars being scrapped here so plenty of parts.

Are u on toyotaownersclub-irl

lots of projects on there

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yea im in co armagh, not far from the city, im only on the uk owners club, but will look it up, i realy wanted to do a full gt4 swap in my corolla but the price i got for doing it was phone numbers!! i could buy a new ae86 for less, still might blow out my 05 530d and get a 2nd toyota as it keeps breaking down just like the 330d i had b4 it,

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My gt4 swap is only fwd. which is fast and fun in straight lines lol

but was grand. didnt need any grinding or welding to get it to fit.

Whereas as the rear setup would need it.

Theres 3-4 3sgte corollas on that site. with a few of them being 4x4 so tgey cud tell u whats involved. they may even be able to do it for you

id keep the diesel machine do. petrol is a robber when u put the shoe down lol

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i know there was a 4x4 corolla but if it fits the 2.0lt i dont know? im coming away from diesel, with petrol being cheeper now and mpg not being far from the diesels its all the same from what i can see?? so if any1 is looking a 05 bmw 530d let me know lol!!, have to look into the loom as im not great with wires, also have to see if i can fit a front mounted intercooler as a bonnet scoop on a red corolla would look less than good???

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