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Engine And Fuel Problems

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Hi all our 2002 rav petrol has killed yet another lambda this will be the 3rd one but its always the same one pre cat bank one and the fuel is getting worce over the past year we have now dropped to around 15mpg around town and 20 on the motorway. Has anyone got any ideas could it be an injector or a cat maybe its had a new set of plugs and air filter.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Do you know why the sensor is failing, this might give some clues ?

Usual faults are heater burning out or contamination. It should be easy to test the resistance of the heater circuit.

I am also sure I remember reading that even tiny quantities of silicon can badly contaminate sensors. This silicon is found in rubber lubricant sprays, plastic cleaning sprays etc etc.

Using these around the air intake may affect a sensor ?

There was even an instance a few years ago of contaminated supermarket fuel !!!


there is also an interesting techy article here

info o2 sensors.pdf

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Hi all and thanks the lambda's are all genuine and it always burns out the heater. I have foud a set of recon fuel injectors for £80 I may just get them and see it will cost me that to have them just took out at the garage.

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