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Faulty Aircondition Control Panel

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I´m a happy owner of an Avensis 1.8 STW AUT from Dec 2003, nearly 300.000 km and still running perfectly (almost)

I have got a strange fault on the aircondition control panel:

The most time is the panel dead, sometime is the lamps flicking and it´s not possible to control the settings - But suddenly turns the panel on again and it's possible to control it for maybe 10-20 seconds, then it turns of again, keeping the settings and the aircon system is working as set. Sometimes is it off for weeks, sometimes it is just flicking on and off all the time - Sometime it´s possible to get it on when I turn the key to first position (before turning the starter) when I start the engine it stay on until the relay for changing is activated and then goes it of again. I am suspect it could be a loose connection somewhere but I have it checked by a Toyota servicecenter several times and they say change the control panel - Oh yeah, for the modest amount of 1200£ plus installation: They say it´s not possible to repair the control panel. Ok, it might be so, but I would like to have a second opinion from some of you, before I change the panel which will represent a 1/4 of the sale value of the car :dontgetit:


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I would look at a used replacement from the breakers.. 247spares may be able to source the part you need.

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