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Mooooreeee Light Indoor!

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Your footwell lights are in the same place as min.. mine are maybe a little bit higher so you can't physically see the strip only the beam of light the length of the footwell.

As for the rest all good stuff


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Nice and bright, and shiny. Just sipping some nice red wine at the moment, warming it is. Mmmmmmmm. Not that I'm a hev... hav, a heav... heavi drinka. Shnot at orl, shnice avvin a drinc nar an then. Lots of work in that light fest too. I take it they all come on and go off with the doors/tailgate opening/closing? At least if you drop anything in the footwell at night, you'll soon find it. Nice job.

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merry christmas every one!!!! yeap i connect all with the relay and they turn on qnd off only with doors.if someone nows any way to connect it with central switch like is the factory led please let me now...1 tequila ...2 tequila .....3 tequila ....4 tequila ...floor...

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