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A Company That Can Remove Dpf's With No Errors

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I don't believe it that anyone to date has been able to crack the Denso ECU. There was a member "Dervdave" (If I remember correctly) that contacted some companies a while back...

Sorry!... It was me mate Davey that contacted a company

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I contacted them and they claimed they could remove the DPF and remap the ECU around it.

Not one tuner in this country can remap a Denso ECU for these cars (A good friend of mine is in tis business so he would know) and if one could do it, they all could to it.

There was a member on here who claimed to have had this done by sinspeed, and his feedback was not positive. I can't remember what happened, but it made a mess of things and cost a lot to put right.

Feel free to give them a try, but the way I see it, if the biggest remap companies in the UK can't crack this ecu with all their experience and top of the range equipment, then a backstreet garage has got no chance.

Good luck if you get it done, please let us all know how you get on.

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:disgust: i had a company quote me 650 to remove my dpf and replace my exaust system in s/s and would pass its mot my own machanic said to remove and replace my dpf on my auris t180 was 1400 and if they could fit at 650 was good but would it pass its mot he not sure so like others i will wait and see by the way after weaks of forty dpf cleaner its has cleared saving 1400 but still geting low milage :death:
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