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Creeping Forward In Neutral

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Hi all and a merry xmas, when starting the rav with the clutch disengage, on release still in neutral I can feel the the rav wanting to creep, is this the norm or should I look into it, thanks in advance

B-A aka geordie

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Are you having to hold the car still on the brake Geordie? If so, sounds like some investigation is warranted. It shouldn't be going anywhere in neutral.

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If it was an auto then I'd say that you don't have a problem. But seeing as it's a manual, I'd guess that you need to look at your clutch adjustment.

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First - No its not normal, in neutral there should be no creep.

I don't think its anything to do with the clutch. When you are stopped in neutral with your foot off the clutch it is normally engaged, its the fact that no gear is selected that stops movement. Not sure of the precise gear selection mechanism on your model year but my guess is the cable mechanism between the gear selector and the gearbox has somehow got out of alignment. This means that you are not precisely selecting neutral, you might have noticed less than precise gear change operation as well (if this is the cause)

Usually there is a way with these cable systems to "set them up/align them" hopefully someone on the forum will have the relevant manual page ?

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