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After A Gen7


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It's been a long time since I had my gen6 Celica and this forum has changed massively since! I can see a few of the old members are still here though.

I'm just looking at swapping in one of our cars at the moment always wanted to try the gen7 at some point and they seem so cheap now that it would be rude not to.

I'm just a bit fussy so haven't actually found one to suit yet!

Its got to be/have:


Rear spoiler

Different alloys (I'd prefer factory alloys but just not the standard ones that came on most)

Leather seats

Dark Blue, Storm Grey preferred but would also have red or silver.

So if anyone sees one to suit please let me know,

My actual question is - I'm a bit rusty on these - is there anything to look out for. I remember an issue with lift bolts - I presume this would be sorted by now?? I remember to check that the boot holds itself up, other than that I can't remember much more!


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With the lift bolts, you would be fine with a facelift model (03 onwards). However if you got a prefacelift the bolts are cheap & easy to replace yourself, providing they have not snapped. If the car engages lift easily over 6k revs (engine needs to be warm), then the lift bolts have not snapped.

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The oil useage issue was resolved on the facelift 140's. Please note ALL pre-facelift 140's have the design flaw that can cause the oil burning issue. so 1999-52 is the pre-facelift. 03> is facelift. Another is way to tell is facelift 140's & 190's have a slotted front grill & round style rear lights.

The oil burning issue arrives through using cheap oil for too long, incorrect servicing intervals and not treating the car properly.

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Ok thanks for that. Was it on the 190 unit too (presumably they are the same engine just tweaked)?

So perhaps go for a 2003 onwards with FSH and hope for the best?!

Oh and change the bolts as above!

Thx for the feedback; sorry for hijacking sotal's thread

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