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Rear Cam Adjusters

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I have a 1999 rav4 freesport.

The rear tyres are wearing on the inside much more than the outside.

I,ve fitted new cam adjusters nuts and bolts and adjusted it the best I can.

It's as if it keeps slipping back though.

I spoke to Toyota and they said the bush could be worn where the bolt passes through.

Then they said the bush comes with the bar as a complete unit that runs from the cam adjuster to the trailing arm.

They want £140.00 per bar ( ouch )

Surely you can get custom poly bushes to replace them.

Any advice would be appreciated

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You used to be able to get polybushes for the RAV4.1

However I think they are no longer in production. I did order a set from a website in the USA but they never sent the goods after I paid so I got the money back via the credit card co.

I haven't found an alternative since since, but I haven't tried looking for a long time. Australia or USA might be the best bet, unless we ca convince someone in the UK to produce a batch.

You may be able to source just the ordinary bush, or even get suspension units from a crashed/scrapped 4.1

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I've bought polyurethane suspension bushes for my 4.2 (front anti-roll bar bushes) from the following outfit:

PRI Racing Ltd

52 Gleneagles Road

Heald Green


Cheshire SK8 3EL


t: 0161 718 6721


Excellent product and service. Have lasted 4 years to date, and no signs of wear - T. black 'rubber' bushes have done as little as 4 months (!) on our rough (and other) roads.

[Front ARB bush for 4.2 is a Superpro SPF5450; is correct length, and bore, and simply needs a 2mm thick U-shaped shim on its outer, curved surface - simply bend a piece of 2mm flat ali or steel for a perfect fit.]

Huge range of bushes etc in the Superpro catalogue...


Hope useful,


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