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Water In Rear Passenger Footwell But Boot Dry

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had a look and wasn't sure so thought i'd post. got a avensis 1.8 on 2002 plate. only had it a few weeks and its a nice car but to my horror i went to the car today and the rear passenger footwell had about 1 inch of water in it. it was dry at the weekend but weve had loads of rain since then. had a look in the boot and theres nothing there no dampness to be seen. theres no sunroof. any ideas please. thanks

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Have a look at the seals to the rear side windows, especially the seal around the fixed glass.

Does the rear window wind all the way up?

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not found a cause as such but i did notice that when we had sub zero temprature last week, the rear passenger door wouldn't open fully, from that i can only gather that there was ice in the door so that may well be the problem.

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