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We recently bought a 2005 2.L Diesel Avensis T25. When accelerating (Flooring it)in top gear the rev counter spins up (like the clutch is slipping). However under normal driving,

say going up through the gear box 1-5 touching 3000 rpm each time its fine.

I've heard that the fuel pumps can act up. What do you think?

Kind Regards,

And Happy Christmas.


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Sounds like the clutch to me if the revs are getting higher. Park the car with handbrake on, put in 5th gear and attempt to pull away harshly using as much revs as necessary. If you can let the clutch fully out (or nearly fully out) without engine stalling then its almost deffo your clutch.

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Hi Alan,

Thanks a million for your reply. I did as you suggested and the the the car stalled on each occasion

but pedal was almost fully out.

I suppose its to be expected as theres 120,000 Mi on the clock,just not so soon after buying it.

I appreciate your constructive advice.



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