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Starting Trouble

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My 09 Auris TR has always started first try, despite standing outside through heavy frost, snow, and the worst weather that Britain can throw at it.

This morning, however, after a wet and windy but mild night, I had to call out my rescue club, as it wouldn't even stutter.

My Battery was still well-charged and turning the engine over briskly, but the mechanic started the engine by connecting some sort of boost device to the terminals.

He said there was a known problem with the Auris, as in bad weather the tappets stuck open, the engine was flooded when starting was attempted, and there were no precautions and no action that anyone could take to prevent or remedy the problem.

Could this be correct?

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To be honest i have never heard of it... probably why you not had many responses as it may not be true.

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Petrol - the fumes were very heavy when the engine did start.

I wonder if something like this could help them not sticking with the varnish that's a byproduct of combustion?



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