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Aygo Exhaust Problem?

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Hi there guys,

Just thought I'd see if any of you guys have had a similar problem? Took the Aygo down to my local Toyota dealership (Romford) after noticing exhaust sounding abit meaty coming from the back and under the hood. Also a hissing like sucking air in noise when you apply abit of acceleration. Add to this fuel consumption has gone really bad from about 380-400 a tank to 280-300? It's a 12 plate Aygo Fire by the way. Guy there reckons full exhaust including the CAT may need replacing and car re-programmed? As its Xmas they can't do until 2nd January because even though they are open apparently the parts for Toyota are closed until then! (I know annoying)

Any advice really as to what else it may be? If anyone had same issue with their Aygo because the mechanic there said it seems to be a common problem on new Aygos, the exhaust need replacing?

Many thanks


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I have fitted exhausts to the Aygo and C1/107 and they all fracture where the rear silencer joins the centre pipe resulting in a rear silencer replacement. Not sure about the sucking noise though as that might be unrelated.

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a hissing like sucking air in noise when you apply abit of acceleration.

This could be an air leak from the air filter housing. Make sure its on properly, especially on top of the throttle body.

Fuel consumption could be down to this and also because of the cold weather.

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