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I'm new to Toyota. I have had my prius T spirit a month or so. While I was driving the other day I just wondered what happens if you were to accidently push the selector into reverse whilst driving forwards. Is there some sort of reverse inhibit unless the car is stationary? Does anyone know.

I don't want to try this in case there isn't an inhibit !!


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Hi, try posting your question on the Hybrid/Toyota Prius Forum on here for the best results. Just click on Forums above and scroll down to it.

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You can do it in a '97 Hilux surf as I found out last night... luckily I was quick to realise my error and it was only there for about half a second.

I'm no Prius expert (obviously lol, I have a big truck) but in general you can only move the selector into reverse pard, or D from neutral if you have your foot on the brake.

The torque converter doesn't lock in reverse so it just "slips"

I'd not try and make a habit of it though ;)

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