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Drained Battery = Lost Stereo Code (98 Starlet Sr)

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sorry if this is covered elsewhere, if so please point me to it. Also sorry if this is an inappropriate question, but it is genuine,

I have a 1998 starlet SR, recently purchased and in good condition, however the Battery just drained (faulty door headlight on alarm) and now my stereo wants a code. There is no record of it on any documentation and the selling garage doesn't have it. I've contacted Toyota GB and and attempted to contact the original selling Toyota garage (now gone) and a local Toyota service dept who don't have a record of its original services. but no-one can help.

I've read that they can be unlocked with a code if you know the toyota ref code on the stereo. Its a TM4411 ref 73801 (a Panasonic put in carollas and starlets in 98)

I'd hate to rip it out and replace it as its nice keeping it original, so any help would be much appreciated.



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Well I just can't believe it, I left the face plate of for a week trying to find a code, after doing some reading I put it on today to try the last digits of my Vin and low and behold the stereo works straight away not displaying SEC. its lost all its tuning but the problem solved itself . weird but good!

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