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Injector Cleaning Help Please

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Hi all I posted about problems we had with our petrol rav and many said it may be the injectors well ive been on youtube and had a look how to clean them which looks ok the problem is the stuff to do it with is £20 per tin and it goes on about ultrasound I can send them away at £60 which I cant realy do as this is my wifes car who is disabled and relies on the car all the time, I can get a set of reconed ones for around £80.

The main thing is some people have used brake cleaner which I have on the shelf so does it damage them and is there any other chemical you can use as I have a selection just not injector cleaner or am I just beter of paying the £80 whos to say they are any good?

Thanks in advance

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If you rely on the car and need it to be reliable fitting recon units would be the safest option.

Check if there any fuel injection service specialists in your area - they may be able to do the job whilst you wait. Plus if the engine is running poorly you will be getting poor mpg.

There is no guarantee an fuel additive will cure your problem.

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