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Recall - Instrument Panel

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Hi All,

Took the car in to have a new bulb fitted. They also sorted the window switch and rear suspension arm recalls, however they checked it out for a THIRD recall - Instrument Panel Recall. It needs to go back in for three days to have the old one removed and new one installed, have booked in for 20th January.

After a search on the net I cannot find any details related to this Instrument Panel recall. I received letter about the other two recalls, but nothing for the instrument panel one, anyone here have any details or links to details?

My car is a '07 Auris T180 with the factory fitted touchscreen Sat Nav.



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Hi Granty

If there's nothing on the internet about it, that must mean its only a very small number of cars affected. And of course you're the first to mention it on here. Maybe your letter got delayed in the Christmas post, or a postman delivered it to the wrong address. If takes a while for recalls to appear on the Vosa site. And if you look on Vosa you'll see there's loads of recalls from all manufacturers,all the time that we don't hear about generally. Its only certain recalls that make the news.

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What is the recall i have it next week too, my car is a 1.4d4d, it was in for the window switch recall and is being booked back in for a steering recall and also this instrument panel recall

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I've checked the VOSA website and the last two recalls affecting the Auris were the Power Windows Master switch, and the rear suspension arms. Have you completed the Recall Checker on the Toyota website?? If the instrument panel work doesn't appear on there, I suspect that it is not a recall as such, and probably some rectification work Toyota are handling through the service bulletin approach.

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VOSA only deal with safety related issues. I would suspect that a possible instrument panel fault does not fall within their remit.

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