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Turbo Whistle On 2.0 Lt D-4D

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Hi there, I am new to this so I hope i'm doing it correctly. I have a December 2009 2.0 D-4D verso T-spirit and when I excellerate from tick over the turbo whistles, this is not loud but i wondered if anyone else has the same symptoms on their engine. I would be grateful if anyone could help if only to put my mind at rest, thanks. Also I would like to say how helpful I have found the posts on the forum and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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When the turbo kicks in when driving its normal to hear a slight whistle... but its only just audible for a small turbo. If it is loud then you need to get that checked out.

http://www.essexturbos.co.uk maybe be able to help as they do recon turbos.

But you may find its ok anyway

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Hi Steve, many thanks for your reply. It is only a slight whistle and once I am travelling on the road the road noise drowns it out. So I think maybe I am worrying over nothing. I will keep my eye on it to see if it gets any worse as I have an extended warranty on the car till July 2013.

Anyway once again many thanks for your advice. Happy New Year.

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