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Some have been here a long time and some are new but filling out your profile can save lots of time. It was pointed out by Chris (Tech01) that there are still quite a few members with no profile info. I know what it is like, you join a forum and they want your profile so they can inundate you with garbage but this is quite different. By filling in your profile we can instantly see exactly what vehicle you are running. It is NOT linked to any profile feeds for spam.

To edit your profile just click on your own name and it wil open up your own details in the members community. There is a black box near the top right where you can edit your profile. What would be helpful to see would be the year and whether it is petrol or diesel. You can add more like the colour and the model but these are less important. If you show your location it might help others point you to useful traders and dealers etc.

You will find this a helpful place but you can help us by showing these details.

Thanks in advance.

Ancs (and Chris!)

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Also like to note you need to have at least posted once for the profile option to appear. This prevents spam galore of spammers creating profiles with links to porn sites.

If you have never posted before and wish to fill out a profile then simply say hi in the new members section or post here in this thread.

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i noticed your request for more profile details, and realised how much i have gained from all your inputs.

Before i bought my rav i studied the internet yours and other forums, and settled on the version ALA30R-AWFGYW(3F)

lowest co2 rating

best mpg

no dpf

improved egr valve

bought in june 2011 with 11k on clock now at 65k

apart from routine oils filters front brakes etc all with your help i have blanked egr fitted tuning box and happy with the car

my only worry maybe unfounded is the dmf

i live in the highlands and do a lot of miles to my work routinely passing other ravs often wonder if it is one of you lot

so thanks for your help and if you see a tidal blue rav with 2 spotlights give me a flash

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Welcome to the club.

That one of yours is right on the changeover. Is it the 136 engine with the electric EGR valve or the 150 with the water cooled version? I'm just interested if you had the later version in bits.

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its the 150 water cooled version at about 50k thought id better have a look so i ordered spare egr inlet gasket bit of 2mm stainless and made a blank i then opened her up both sides small furring but nothing bad skoosh of brake clean stuck in plate buttoned her up again whole operation probably unnecessary but definate gain in mpg 46 before 48.5 after according to the car have not checked that in the real world but definately better also far more responsive and driveable low gear work so the job was worth doing

also 15k now ecu none the wiser, good feeling to beat a damn computer!

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This is my first post. I'd love to update my profile but the site says I do not have permission?

I've been on the site a few times and found it to be of great interest. I've even followed a couple of Anchormans upgrades to my 2006 RAV 2.2D, namely the horn and tailgate mods.

***Update*** Tell I'm new to this sort of thing :P Since posting above, I could update my profile :)

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Everything updated, even the photo of the dog.

Good on yer dug there, Jeff,,,,,the martian that he attacked won't be creating any more baby martians.......

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I have only just joined. I am not sure that I am in the right place to seek some advice/help? My 2002 Rav 4 hiccuped and the green engine light came on last week. I got towed from the roadside. My car is still off the road the engine light went off as soon as I started up again however the car is not running right. A couple of computer tests have not ben able to diagnose what the problem is. It felt like it was starved of fuel when I was driving and the green engine light came on. I love my Rav 4 have only had it two years and everything is so expensive. I have had a water pump, a new clutch and I previously had a problem with the fuel green engine light came on this was caused by a loose fuel pipe which in the end was simple and inexpensive however it took months to sort as the computers could not come up with the problem. Am i in the right place for ideas/help? If not can you please tell me where I need to go for help? Thanks

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this is my first post! i bought my 1999 rav4 about a month ago it has mint body work and every thing under the bonnet seemed fine too, but over the last few weeks it has been making a really bad judder under braking! i can feel it through the pedal and steering collum when this happens the brake hardly work? its very intermediate ive changed discs and pads but its still happening if you guys could help me identify the issue it would be amazing

thanks nick  

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