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Well just replaced my 5th gear this morning . Using the info and pictures on this great forum and help from chris managed to replace the whole 5th gear and synchro assembly in three hours. The springs in the synchro were tricky to get reassembled and the hub itself was f...ing tight to pull off the shaft. Have left it now for 24 hrs for gasket sealer to go off before refill with Oil and then test drive with fingers crossed problem sorted. Also would like to thank kingo for supplying the part numbers ( 11 parts, although you don't need the nut, ) even with his price discounts came to £509.00 so I sourced the parts from Japan and saved over £180.00 even with duty charges. All genuine parts from toyota. Used company amayama.com where you put part numbers in and they source parts and prices for you, took 3 days to arrive once they have acquired them, worth a look for the more expensive parts.

Will let you know how it goes on test drive.

Thanks for everyone's help.

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great stuff.. glad the forums helped you out mate

Thanks steve.

Filled with Oil early this morning before it starts to rain and been out on test drive and can say really smooth and quiet , job well done and a lot of pounds saved.

Happy new year to everyone.

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