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Avensis Tick Over.

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I am new to the toyota club and would like to say hello,i have just bought a 57 reg 20L D4D Diesel 130 avensis and i have noticed when the engine is worm the revs increase and then drop back to normal when i stop at lights,juntions etc is this normal as its my first toyota avensis.Many thanks.Happy new year to you all.

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I've seen this on my 2011 Avensis I've assumed that that is for vacuum pressure for the master cylinder in the braking system, when stationary the revs drop by 50 rpm or so. Be intrested to know also.

I've also noticed that when the engine is cold and the air temp is 0c or less the revs are held higher (approx 100rpm above hot idle) when stationary until the engine has reached normal running temp. Never seen this in any other diesel car I've driven.

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