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Leaky Boot

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i know people have put leaky cars as another topic but im slowly running out of ideas on how to sort the boot out, my dad and i have taken the back bumper off cleaned, dried and sealed the vents in the back, the top light, side right light cluster, door seal, the hinges and the little rubber stoppers to stop the boot car door from slamming shut we've done the same as the vents, put the car back together and put rain water over the whole of the back when everything was dry and still leaked, been trying to get it all sealed in for a week, its slowly driving us all mad, lol,

any advice welcome thankyou in advance

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You seem to have covered all the usual points of ingress, can you see where the water is coming from e.g up high , around the glass seal or down low around the rear panel.

Also how old is the car as there is a warranty extension in place for certain leaks upto 5 years/100k.


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Its a 56 model. Think we have sorted it. Took the door seal off again and there was a gap in the silicone that we put on. Made sure the surface was dry and siliconed either side of the boot and now its being rained on been to check on it and its still dry.

Thank you @Devon.

Hopefully this is the last of the trouble, been a week so far.

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